The Ultimate Warm Up: The Complete Guide To Being Physically and Mentally Ready to Train

The best way to mentally and physically prepare for your break dance training session

Discover The Best Way To Warm Up For Your Breakin’ Training Session – Without Risking Injury

I can’t break, I will injure myself…
Breakin’ is dangerous….
These are common things that people say when it comes to Breakin’. They would be correct if you were to jump into their Breakin’ training without warming up.
I know… warming up does not sound exciting (it sure didn’t catch my interest when I first started) but if I could go back to when I first started Breakin’, I wish I would have known about properly warming up.
The days and months of being frustrated that you can train because you are injured can all be avoided when you take the time to properly warm up.
Every great dancer knows that to reduce the chances of getting injured while training, you should perform some type of warm-up. But what type of warm-up should you do?
Most warm-ups I see dancers perform, whether in a class or on their own, resembles some sort of stretching routine. While this can be ok (only if they are utilizing dynamic stretching vs static stretching) it is not the best way to prepare your body for your training session. A stretching routine is better utilized as a cool down at the end of your training session
A dynamic warm-up is the best way to prepare your joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons for your training.
It is equally important to mentally prepare yourself for the training that you are about to do. You can do this while you are physically warming up your body. You should be aware of any stiffness or problem areas of your body. You should also be thinking about what you are going to focus on and what your goals are for your training session.
Both physical and mental preparedness is key to a safe and efficient training session.
*Disclaimer: a warm-up is only effective if you plan to train immediately after warming up (or at least the time from the end of the warm up to training is minimal). The key of an effective warm up is to stay warm. Once your core body temperature and heart rate return to its resting state, the effects of the warm-up will decrease. I suggest wearing warm clothing to keep your core temperature up and also try to train in a room that is relatively warm.
The Ultimate Warm-Up is my personal warm-up that I perform before every training session (and even on days when I’m not training) to prepare every single joint, muscle, ligament and tendon from my neck to my ankles for any physical activity.
Each exercise should be performed for a minimum of 8 repetitions (or if you like to warm up to music, a minimum of two 8 counts)

*The Ultimate Warm Up (video coming soon)

Standing Section

Look up and downLook
Look left to rightTilt side to side
Tilt side to side
Circles (both directions)
Figure 8’s (both directions)

Shoulders (one arm at a time)
Back stroke
Front stroke
Figure 8’s
Reverse Figure 8’s
Cross body
Reverse cross body
Reverse circles
Clasped hand elbow rotations
Standing twist
Bent over twist
Side to side
Forward and back
Reverse circles
Hips (one leg at a time)
Wall side to side leg swings
Wall front and back leg swings
Wall hip circles
Wall reverse hip circles
Forward and back kick
In and out kick
Reverse circles
Feet together side to side rock
Feet together knee circles
Feet together reverse knee circles
Outside ankle rock
Inside ankle rock
Heel march
Toe march

Transfer to ground section

Wide stance bent over Hamstring stretch » Wide stance squat pushing knees out

 Ground section

Wide stance squat side to side rock
Wide stance squat leg push out
Seated side to side “S” rock
Laying on back side to side leg swing
Lying on stomach side to side leg swing
Finger pointed to the side, side to side rock
Fingers pointed back forward and back rock
Palms facing up fingers pointed back finger curls
Plans facing up fingers pointed to the side pulses
Hands planted elbow rotations
Scapula pushups
Feet flat side to side rock

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