Immediately figure out what you are doing wrong and get instant feedback on that break dance move you are struggling with

Discover a service that will immediately improve your movement without having to pay expensive private lesson fees – guaranteed

Finally, You’ll Have a Step-By-Step Plan To Immediately Master Your Movements…



Why you need a Technique Critique
  • I have spent 13 years teaching and training dancers of all levels how to break dance. I know how frustrating it can be to get stuck working on a move and getting no where. It’s times like these when it’s best to reach out to someone to watch your movement and correct you so you can finally figure out what you have been doing wrong. That is the purpose of the Technique Critique. You send me a video of yourself performing the move you have been struggling with and I send you back a personal video critiquing your technique and showing you how to fix your movement.

    Immediate feedback, without the expensive private lesson price

  • If you are not 100% satisfied with your Technique Critique, then I will refund your money immediately

Why you need a Technique Critique

You and I can agree…

That learning how to break dance online is very convenient (especially if there aren’t any qualified teachers to learn from near you).

However, everyone knows that we all run into a problem.

Am I doing this move correctly?

Think about it…

Have you ever learned a move by watching an online tutorial and then when you go to practice it in front of a mirror you can’t figure out why you don’t look like the guy or girl in the video who taught you the move?

Or, you spend hours practicing a move over and over again only to find out you have been doing the move wrong the whole time… AND then you have to unlearn your “bad habits” in order to learn the correct way to do it.

OR WORSE, you have been doing the move wrong so many times that you finally end up injuring yourself (goodbye training)

This happens to all of us and is an unfortunate downside of learning online

Now, you could find someone to make sure you are learning the movement correctly but let’s face it…

Sometimes there are not any qualified teachers around you to help you out (or they are going to charge you expensive fees for a private lesson)

That is why I created my “Technique Critique” service

A way to receive immediate personalized corrections to any movement you are currently learning so you can progress and master your movements quicker, safer, and more efficiently without the expensive cost of private lessons and the need to find someone qualified near you

What the Technique Critique will do for you


You find a move you have always wanted to learn. Now, instead of beating yourself up as to why you don’t look the way you want, you record yourself attempting the move and send it to me.

You then receive a video from me showing you not only how to fix your personal mistakes but also drills, exercises, warm ups and stretches to help you practice the movement in order to master it quickly, safely, and efficiently.

You now have the road map to master the move you have always wanted to learn (with correct technique) and will soon be checking this move off your list and move onto your next goal move.

Yes, it really is that simple

Why should you trust me to critique a movement you are struggling with?

Well… It all began when I was just a shy kid in middle school just trying to fit in. I suddenly had this huge interest to learn how to dance…

ok, it was to impress a girl…

but I set out to try to learn how to dance.

Now being a shy introverted kid, I lacked the self-confidence to join a dance studio and take dance classes (there weren’t any Breakin’ classes for me to take near me anyway). I flat out just thought of the worst and most horrible things that would happen to me…

I’m going to look stupid, people will laugh at me, I won’t be able to keep up, WORST OF ALL a girl would see me looking stupid and laugh at me as I was struggling to keep up. So I turned to the internet to find some dance lessons online.

Now, this was before the time of Youtube tutorials so I ended up stumbling across some VHS tapes… Yes, I know… what’s a VHS tape? Anyways, I ended up purchasing those videos (the best purchase I have ever made) and spent hours and hours learning and practicing from those videos at home.

Fortunately for me, this was a great jump start to my 13-year dance career where I now dance, train, and perform with some amazing dance companies in the Hip Hop Community such as the Kinjaz from NBC’s World of Dance, Culture Shock Los Angeles, and Kaba Modern.

Unfortunately for me, however, I did not discover that I was executing some of my movements the wrong way until much later in my dance career. This improper technique eventually led to a few injuries (knee surgeries = no fun) and some “bad habits”, which I am still trying to unlearn to this day.

Not the most ideal path for reaching my goals

That is why I have spent the last 13 years teaching students (beginners to advanced) how to breakdance and figuring out what methods of teaching work and which methods flat out don’t.

I understand that not every person learns the same and sometimes all someone needs is to have a movement explained in a different way or shown a different way to approach a movement to fully understand it.

I am here to make sure that you get started on the right foot and continuously improve and master your movements as quickly, safely, and efficiently as you can so you can reach your goals.

So now that you agree that I am more than qualified to help you get to where you want to be…

Let me show you what you are getting from your technique critique


Record A Video

Record yourself executing one movement that you have been working on (sorry I Don’t critique power moves)

Send Me The Video

Send me your recorded video so I can review it

Receive Your Technique Critique

1-2 days after receiving your video, I will send your “Technique Critique”

What You’ll Get with a Technique Critique:

  • 1-2 Day video critique turnaround so that you can make the corrections you need right away and master the movement quicker
  • Video of me giving personal corrections catered to your movement so that you know how to fix the mistakes that you are making
  • Short drills to use to practice your movement so that you have a path to master your movement quicker and more efficiently
  • Physical exercises to do on training or non-training days so that you can strengthen the muscles needed to improve your technique
  • Warm Ups to do before training so that you prevent your chances of getting injured while training
  • Stretches to do after training so that you further prevent your chances of getting injured

Here’s What Previous Students Have To Say…

  • Andrea Licata 600px

    "Darren is super approachable, friendly, and responsive to his students. He helps you out individually if you are struggling with any aspect of a move, and makes you feel very comfortable. I could not recommend Darren more as a breakdance instructor. I gained so many skills, and awesome moves to show off to friends who would never expect I could’ve learned how to breakdance.”

    Adrea Licata
  • Jaymes Rombaoa 600px

    "I liked how Darren really broke down moves step by step, explaining every aspect like weight changes/shifts, hand placements, and whether a certain step should be on a snare or bass. Also, he was good at explaining how some moves could transition to other moves and how to do variations of the same move to add style and dynamics. Not only did his class help give me a basic working knowledge of how to do certain moves, but now I can watch other bboys in ciphers and understand how to observe another person's style of flow, footwork, toprocks…”

    Jaymes Rombaoa
  • Andrew Barber 600px

    "With both an incredibly friendly personality and patient instruction, Darren made the class incredibly enjoyable. Admittedly, certain aspects were naturally challenging, but even so, his classes made every challenge entertaining and rewarding. Every move, every set, and even just instruction on how to make the moves match beats was clearly broken down. Whenever something was unclear or needed work, Darren was very reassuring in offering constructive criticism. By the end, I found myself able to transfer the confidence I had garnered from my beginner’s breakdancing into other aspects of my life. I continue to recommend Darren’s classes to many of my friends. In fact, I still recommend him as a teacher even now.”

    Andrew Barber
  • Leslee Nwogu 300px

    "Darren is really easy to learn from. He goes through each move step by step slowly at first then increases the speed and steps as he completes the moves. He has a lot of energy when he moves and he's REALLY COOL to watch dance and do his thing. It inspires you to want to move the way he does. Also, he's really patient when he's trying to teach you how to move. If you really just don't understand, just let him know and he will make sure you get it until you can do it yourself. I'm a slow learner, and apparently learned some of the moves backward so he set me in the right direction when I asked him. My confidence in dancing improved and definitely motivated me to keep looking for more opportunities to dance elsewhere after the class. Overall, I highly recommend Darren as a teacher because he is passionate, easy going, fun to talk to and even more fun to learn from. If you want to get a good start on how to loosen your body to learn to dance or even just hone your skills and get better at breakdancing he's your guy. Through the lessons and training, you may even develop core strength, creativity, confidence, etc... It's a win/win.”

    Leslee Nwogu

How Much Is A Technique Critique?

Here’s the deal…

I have spent 13 years figuring out how to teach and correct techniques so you don’t have to

Once you get a Technique Critique, you don’t have to…

  • Waste your hours questioning why you don’t look the way you want
  • Waste your hours spent practicing a move over and over again and getting nowhere
  • Waste your hours waiting to train again because you injured yourself.

I want to help you master movements with perfect technique and get you to your goals as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

I want to give you personal corrections to your technique (which would normally cost you $100 via private lesson with me)

I want to give you drills to help you practice your movements (which I normally reserve for my courses costing anywhere between $60-$100)

I want to give you exercises, warm-ups and stretches to make sure you prevent injuries as best as you can (which will save you hundreds of dollars in medical fees)

I want to provide you all of this for…


That’s right…

For less than the cost of taking a dance class, you will receive your personal video critique on how to improve and fix your personal technique, as well as drills, exercises, warm-ups and stretches to help you master your movement quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Take Action Now and Buy Your Technique Critique

You know this is a killer bargain. What you get when you receive your Technique Critique is worth literally hundreds of dollars not just in lesson fees (not to mention the savings in doctor’s fees for injuries) you would pay to learn a movement correctly but, also in the hours you will save once you have the road map to master your movements the right way.


There are only so many hours in a day, and between creating courses, having lessons with my private students, shooting new tutorials and reviewing and shooting Technique Critiques, I will have no choice but to increase the price once I receive too many inquiries for Technique Critiques. This service is already priced far below what it is worth, so get yours now before the price increases.

Listen, I know when I buy stuff, especially something from the web where I can’t see it, feel it, or toy with it, I feel like I am taking a bit of a risk. So here is my guarantee to you…

So here is my guarantee to you…

Purchase your “Technique Critique” risk-free and If you don’t agree that my critiques, drills, exercises, warm-ups, and stretches are helping you fix your movement and guiding you towards practicing the movement the right way in order to master it, I will give you a full refund of your purchase.

I am in the position to help you at this point. If you read this far here’s what you need to do for me to actually help you make this real in your life.

Here’s What To Do Now To Get Your Technique Critique

Pull out your wallet, grab your credit card, place it on your computer screen so you can use both hands to enter your information in quicker and click the orange “Buy Now – Just $10” button below (remember if you want a refund for any reason at all you will get it immediately and we will still be friends) and purchase a Technique Critique.

Here’s what’s going to happen next. Once you have completed checking out, you will receive an email from me asking you to send me a video of yourself executing one movement that you have been working on, as well as other instructions, like how to send it to me and how you will receive your “Technique Critique” (one again, sorry but I don’t do Technique Critiques for power moves)

And that’s it!

You will receive your feedback in 1-2 days and you will be on the correct path to mastering your movements quickly, safely, and efficiently with perfect technique.

Don’t waste more time thinking about getting your Technique Critique when you could be spending that time getting better and mastering more moves with perfect technique.

Click the orange “Buy Now – Just $10” button below now!

– Darren R. Wong | Kinjaz

Darren R. Wong - Kinjaz - How To Break Dance Video Creator

P.s. As you know, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Is that what you are doing? Aren’t you tired of wondering if you are doing a movement correctly? Tired of practicing and getting nowhere? I want to help you out but you need to take action. Purchase your Technique Critique now.

P.p.s. Remember, I have spent 13 years teaching, correcting, and guiding hundreds of dancers of all skill levels through fixing and mastering their movements. I am offering to show you how to fix the mistakes you are making when learning and practicing a move and put you on the path to mastering the movement quickly, safely, and efficiently by providing you drills, exercises, warm-ups and stretches to get you to your goal faster for about the price of a dance class at only $10. On top of that, you can’t possibly lose because of my 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee so what are you waiting for. Purchase your Technique Critique now before the price increases