How To Break Dance – Footwork – Back Sweeps

[ Break Dance Tutorial ] How To Break Dance: Footwork - Back Sweeps

In this beginner's breakdance Footwork tutorial you will learn How to do a basic footwork move called the Back Sweep, common sweep mistakes and how to fix them, and a two 8 count drill to practice on your own


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The back sweep builds off of the from sweep where we learn how to reverse the direction of our sweep. The sweep trains you to understand how to distribute your weight from your feet to your hands and then back to your feet. The sweep will teach you how to place your weight on one given foot so your other leg is free to swing in a full rotation.

Tips for the basic breakdance footwork move the “Back Sweep":

  • For the purposes of this video, we will start the back sweep from a hook
  • Switch your arms and lean forward as your foot travels towards the back so your leg has room to move backward
  • You will have to place your entire weight on your arms for a split second so you can jump over your sweeping leg
  • After jumping over your leg in the back make sure to land on your toe and not flat footed
  • Lean back and place your weight back on your jumping foot in a neutral position and bring your chest up so you can swing your leg back to the front
  • The longer you wait to put your jumping foot back down, the more arm strength you will need to use

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Tonez&Re-C - Kyoto by @TONEZPRO (OFFICIAL)
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Hold On by Joakim Karud
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These tutorials are meant to help spread the knowledge I have been fortunate enough to come across throughout my years of dancing. By no means is this the only way to teach or learn how to dance, but this might be one way that helps someone further understand the art of Breakin'. To keep with the positive spirit of the dance community, all negative comments towards other people will be deleted immediately.

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