The best way to learn how to break dance and the break dance moves you should learn first to start your dance career of right

Finally, a guide to jump start your Break dance training…

This crash course will give you the guidance needed to start learning how to Break Dance, the right way

This Guide Includes:

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    The Ultimate Warm-Up
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    The 3 Stages To Learning Any Break Dance Movement
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    Break Dance Toprock Fundamentals
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    Break Dance Footwork Fundamental
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    Break Dance Get Down Fundamentals
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    6 Levels Of Break Dance Freezes


Now, I know you are excited to just get right into moving (heck that’s how I was when I first started), but I want to stress to you how important warming up is.

Dancing is an athletic activity just like any sport or other recreational activity that you do. You wouldn’t just jump into playing basketball without first warming up (well… maybe you would… but you shouldn’t!), so why would you treat dancing any differently.

Warming up properly before each training session will not only make your training session more enjoyable and productive, but it will save you lots of time (not to mention potential medical fees) in the days, even months spent recovering from an injury that could have been prevented if you had taken the time to warm up.

Ok, so now that I convinced you that warming up is important (trust me I have been injured and it sucks) let me show you what you should do before each training session that you do

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Before you learn all the break dance movements in this crash course, I want to give you a brief summary of the 3 stages you should go through to learn any movement in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible

Stage 1 – “Step By Step”: In the beginning stage, focus on just the steps of the movement. Don’t focus on the details quite yet, as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too much information. You most likely won’t look exactly like the person you are learning from, but you will have a framework for the move to build off of.

Stage 2 – “Nit Picky”: Once you have the steps down (you can execute them in sequence without thinking) it’s time to focus on the details. Look at each step of a movement and pick out every little detail you can about what goes into that step of the movement. [See my post *“The Step By Step Guide To Learning Any Movement” (guide coming soon) for an example of this]

Stage 3 – “Deliberate Repetition”: Once you can execute the movement with perfect technique at a slow tempo, it’s time to practice the movement… a lot! Try slowly increasing the tempo at which you perform the movement BUT make sure you are deliberately doing each repetition with the perfect technique you worked so hard to attain in Stage 2. Every repetition counts, so don’t throw away your technique and build bad habit just to do the move faster

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“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect” – Vince Lombardi

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Break Dance Toprock Fundamentals

Alright, now it’s time to learn your first break dance movements. The first thing that you should learn is the “dance” element of break dancing… I know you want to jump into those crazy moves, but trust me, this will be a good way to ease you into break dancing and create some early confidence in your abilities and momentum to continue to train. Plus, once you master your break dance Toprocks, you will be able to rock with the best of them and show that you truly understand that Break dancing is more than just tricks. It’s still a dance.

If you’re not dancing, you’re not Breakin’

I like to think of break dance Toprocks as the beginning of your story you are about to showcase. The introduction to who you are as a dancer. Toprocks are the movements that are performed from the upright, standing position and as mentioned earlier, are a very important aspect of this dance.

I have placed these in order of how I believe you should learn them to fully understand the Fundamental Break Dance Toprocks

Break Dance Footwork Fundamentals

After you feel comfortable with your break dance Toprocks (I know you didn’t skip them… right?), I would suggest you learn break dance Footwork next.

I know this might seem a little strange (most would think to learn Get Downs next), but I believe that the better understanding you have on the ground, the easier it will be to understand the Break Dance Get Down Fundamentals

I like to think of break dance Footwork as the middle part of your story, showcasing to the audience your creativity, speed, balance, and knowledge you have of your style. Footwork is the movements performed on the ground in a squatting position over your heels and on your toes or where both your hands and feet are in contact with the ground.

Break dance Footwork can seem a little intimidating at first (not to mention awkward), but if you follow my list in order, you will become more and more comfortable as you learn one move after another.

*DISCLAIMER: I highly urge you to listen to your body while training footwork (or any movement in general). Like i mentioned earlier, footwork will be a little awkward when you first start (It is not a position we are forced to be in on a day to day basis), so please, if you start to feel any pain that seems like it is leading towards an injury, stop your training for the day and come back to it when you feel ready.

Break Dance Get Down Fundamentals

Alright… If you made it this far, it means you survived the break dance Footwork fundamentals!… Or you got fed up with them and want to move on.

If that’s the case, I highly urge you to keep at it. Break dance Footwork is one of the more difficult but rewarding movements to learn and have in your Break dancing arsenal so don’t give up.

But I know that you didn’t give up, so let’s move on.

I like to think of Get Downs as the “and” that goes between your introduction and middle.

Here’s who I am (Toprocks) and (Get Down) this is what I’m about (Footwork)

Get Downs are the movements most commonly used to transition from your Toprocks down to your Footwork. But… I’ll let you in on a little secret… They can also be used as movements in between your Toprocks movements to create levels and dynamics to your Toprock steps (Let’s keep that secret between you and me)

So now that you have an understanding of your body both standing upright (Your Toprocks) and down on the ground (Your Footwork), the Get Downs listed should not give you to much trouble

6 Levels of Break Dance Freezes

Things are really coming together now. You now have enough knowledge to create a whole arsenal of break dance different combinations/sets to practice and gain confidence in your Break dance skills. Now that we have a beginning-and-middle, all we need is a what… That’s right, an end. Let’s add one more layer to really turn up the heat on your combinations… Or I guess turn it down… get it… freeze… anyways

As you become more advanced, you will learn about different “levels” of Break dancing such as the *7 levels of Breakin’ (guide coming soon) to take your dancing to the next level (no pun intended), but until then, let’s explore the 6 Levels of break dance Freezes that you can add to your fresh, new combinations to create an end/period to your story.

The 6 Freeze Levels are:

(This list is from the lowest level to highest)

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6

Each one will be challenging in its own way, so it is hard to say what the “easiest to hardest” order would be since everyone is different)

How To Break Dance: Freeze – Shoulder (video coming soon)

How To Break Dance: Freeze – Pilot/Stab (video coming soon)

How To Break Dance: Freeze – Baby Freeze (video coming soon)

How To Break Dance: Freeze – Air Baby (video coming soon)

How To Break Dance: Freeze – Headstand (video coming soon)

How To Break Dance: Freeze – Forearm Freeze (video coming soon)

How To Break Dance: Freeze – Handstand (video coming soon)

Continue Your Break Dance Training…

You now have the basic formula (Toprock, Get Down, Footwork, Freeze) and enough knowledge to create and train hundreds if not thousands of different combinations/sets.

Read the complete guide to training here:

Once you start adding your own flavor and what I call “sauce” to your movements like I suggest in “Finding Your Style: The Guide To Unleashing Your Personal Style”, you will be confidently showcasing your style and Breakin’ with the movements you have learned so far in this guide.

I hope this guide has given you the confidence and momentum you needed to really fall in love break dancing and want to learn more.

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